The About menu contains submenu’s to see the museum’s mission, values, vision, what is faith, the museum founders story, resources and credits. These pages define the principles by which the museum operates. The mission of the museum explains why it exists. The vision states the goal we are working to achieve. Then the values by which the museum and its staff operate, and a definition of what is faith. Faith is a critical aspect of life, for every single person on this planet has faith. Additional resources under the links tab and a credits page for images. Review the links to understand more.

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The purpose of the Museum of Natural Science and History is to showcase the evidence and the arguments for both a recent creation of the universe and an old universe which came to be through the process of evolution. These conflicting theories will be presented side by side in an exciting, entertaining, high-tech setting. The museum / science centre will engage visitors through theme park type rides, hands-on exhibits and Hollywood quality videos. The museum will leave it to the visitor to decide which of these conflicting theories has more supporting evidence; which makes more sense.

If we really want to know the truth, we must be willing to challenge what we have been led to believe. We must follow the evidence, seek the truth, no matter where it leads us.

This page contains the information and results of the fundraising campaign from Sunday April 30 2017 through Saturday May 5 2017. Each day’s campaign message is shown below. Please watch and read them. My prayer is that the messages are compelling, you see the truth and will then support us. Go to the Donate menu link to support us.

Day 1 – Introduction Day 2 – Water Supply Day 3 – Evolution Problems
Day 4 – Evolution of Language Day 5 – World Population Day 6 – The Chinese Connection
Day 7 – Missing Fossils Day 8 – Where are all the stars Day 9 – the People; where did they call come from?
Day 10 – What do scientists say? Day 11 – What a moon! Day 12 – Too many people to feed?
Day 13 – Global Warming Day 14 – The Big Bang? Day 15 – Chicken or Egg – which came first?
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Day 16 – Irreducible Complexity Day 17 – ocean creature fossils on mountain tops? Day 18 – Missing Supernovae
Day 19 – where is evolution today? Day 20 – Dinosaurs: old or young? Day 21 – What about Information?
Day 22 – The Science Centre Day 23 – Science Centre Funding Day 24 – Ancient is not so ancient
Day 25 – How is life on Earth possible? Day 26 – The Global Flood Day 27 – Fine Tuned for Life
Day 28 – Circumstantial Evidence Day 29 – Where is randomness? Day 30 – The Grand Canyon
Day 31 – The Simple Cell? Day 32 – Logic, a strong force Day 33 – Life’s Big Questions
Day 34 – Starlight and Time Day 35 – Wrap-up