Our Vision

Local residents and tourists driving up to the museum are in awe as they see it – a building with the dimensions and rough shape of Noah’s Ark! Life size models of animals are lined up, two by two, ready to board the ship. People enter the museum to a grand foyer, opening above them three storeys, to the roof of the ark. On each floor above are animated animals overhanging the edge, looking down, making their sounds, eating their food. In the center of the foyer is a huge, animated ancient animal, possibly a T-rex dinosaur or a mammoth.

This awe inspiring, thought provoking entrance is only the beginning of a mind opening experience in science and history. The centerpiece of the museum is a theatre showing in 3-dimensions, a movie of the creation of the earth and universe. This movie is 100% in agreement with the evidence seen in geology, biology, astronomy and other sciences. As people wait to enter the theatre they wander through an area of exhibits showing evidence that backs up what they are about to see.

A three storey, 33 meter long climbing area is set amongst giant ancient ferns, saber tooth tigers, and other extinct animals. The interior of the museum is modelled after the interior of the ark, namely wooden beams, wooden walkways, many animal pens, sounds and some animal smells.

Approximately thirty exhibits on different aspects of science are on display, across the three floors, at any time. These exhibits change periodically, enabling new experiences for repeat visitors, season pass holders and lifetime members. One major display is a motion simulator ride through the global flood which shaped most of the earth’s surface as we see it today. Using less motion but equally educational is a journey through the history of science, hearing first hand the discoveries and beliefs of great scientists of the past. In the ‘laboratory of life,’ visitors work together as a team with massive computers in an effort to reproduce the evolution which supposedly has led from an ancient, lifeless world to all forms of life as they exist today.